BigDogPaul D. Allen is the owner and sole practitioner at PIM Financial Partners. He is also the webmaster for this website, and since referring to myself in the third person is just plain awkward, I am going to stop doing it. I am currently a financial planner and a federally-licensed tax professional. But let me give you some background information:

I grew up in Ohio and enlisted in the US Navy in 1987. I received a B.A. from Jacksonville University in 1995 and was commissioned as a Navy Officer shortly thereafter. I retired from the Navy in 2010.

I married the remarkable Tade Stone Allen in 1992. We moved to Virginia Beach in 2001 with our three children and never found a reason to leave. We like it here. It's a great place to work and live.

Shortly after my children were born I started to think about the future - theirs and mine. I wanted Tade and I to be able to retire one day. I wanted the kids to be able to attend college. I wanted to take the family to Disneyland. I wanted to make sure all of this could happen even if I got hit by a bus. In short, I needed a financial plan.

At the time I didn't know much about it. I'm a smart guy, but I needed help. I needed a financial adviser. Someone who knew what they were doing and could give us expert advice on how to meet our financial goals. This was the early 1990s. If there was an internet I hadn't heard of it yet. We didn't even own a computer. I asked family and friends. So did Tade. We got some recommendations and sat down with some folks who called themselves 'advisers'. We shared our hopes and dreams. We told them what we had and what we wanted to have. Then they all went away for a week and came back with a bunch of beautiful charts and graphs. Some of them told us I needed more insurance. Some of them told us Tade needed more insurance. All of them told us we needed mutual funds with very high fees. None of them explained how insurance and high-fee mutual funds were going to get the family to Disneyland one day.

Something about their recommendations didn't feel right, but I didn't know what. I thought maybe I just needed some additional knowledge to help me understand their advice. I bought some personal finance magazines. Then I bought some personal finance books. I read quite a bit.

That's when I discovered the problem - they weren't advisers. They called themselves advisers, but they were actually salesmen. The problem wasn't that I didn't understand the advice they were giving, the problem was they weren't giving advice. They were selling me financial products because that's how they made their living. I don't have a problem with that if you're honest and open about it, but I wasn't at all happy with them pretending to be advisers. I dismissed the lot of them and decided to take care of things myself. (I was a bit rash back then.)

It wasn't a perfect situation, but at least I knew I could trust myself to put my own interests first. I made a few mistakes, but we have done well. The kids are almost through college, and Tade and I are confidently looking at a comfortable retirement. We've had some good luck, but we've also had a good plan.

(Oh, and Disneyland was terrific, by the way. So was the Grand Canyon, Chimney Rock, and the summer we visited 5 different baseball parks in one week. Life is fantastic sometimes.)

After I left the Navy I first worked as a civilian for the Army and then the Coast Guard. Great jobs, but I felt a calling to do something more. I wanted to be that financial adviser I never found. The one who provides the best advice for the client without regard to which products pay the biggest commissions.

I went back to school. I earned the Executive Certificate in Financial Planning at ODU. I passed the Certified Financial Planner exam. Then I worked as a tax preparer, becoming an Enrolled Agent so I could also be a federally-licensed tax planner. Then I joined the local chapter of the Financial Planning Association and they put me on the board of directors. Then I passed the Series 65 Exam and opened my own Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) - PIM Financial Partners.

Now I am the financial adviser I was looking for more than 20 years ago. I don't sell anything but advice. Genuine financial advice. If that interests you give me a call or schedule an appointment.



The information posted to this website is for education purposes and is not intended to be investment advice. 

Registration as an Investment Advisory in the Commonwealth of Virginia does not imply an endorsement by Virginia, nor does it mean the Commonwealth of Virginia certifies or verifies my knowledge, skills, or experience as an investment advisor. 

PIM Financial Partners provides financial planning and investment advice to residents of Virginia. Residents of other jurisdictions are considered on a case basis depending on the laws governing investment advisors where they live.


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