To My Clients I Pledge the Following:

  • You will receive a fiduciary level of care, and nothing less. Your needs always come first.
  • You can be assured I work only for you. As a fee-only planner I have taken every step I can to ensure conflicts of interest are eliminated from my practice.
  • You will be able to afford my service. My prices will always be constructed to encourage participation from the middle-income Americans who benefit most from financial planning.
  • You will not be charged exorbitant fees just because you can afford them. You will not be charged for services you are not receiving.
  • You will get honest, objective, knowledgeable answers from me. You will also understand the advice I am giving and why I am giving it.


When I was a younger man I couldn't find a financial adviser I trusted. That's why I became one.  (You can read more about that journey here.)

My skepticism about financial advisers is not unique. The public has a deep distrust of the financial services profession. I could go on and on about how and why that is, but the bottom line is that distrust was earned. It's time to earn that trust back.

My objective is to demonstrate that genuine financial advice is available, affordable, and valuable. If that interests you, please contact me to find out more by setting up a free consultation.


The information posted to this website is for education purposes and is not intended to be investment advice. 

Registration as an Investment Advisory in the Commonwealth of Virginia does not imply an endorsement by Virginia, nor does it mean the Commonwealth of Virginia certifies or verifies my knowledge, skills, or experience as an investment advisor. 

PIM Financial Partners provides financial planning and investment advice to residents of Virginia. Residents of other jurisdictions are considered on a case basis depending on the laws governing investment advisors where they live.


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